Currency Bill –

Country of Origin: Guinea
Amount: 100 Guinean Francs
Year: 1998
Condition: Uncirculated
Reverse Image:

A Little History of Guinea….

Guinea may be a country you do not often hear of, but every country has its own history and it would be worth examining. Not to be confused with Guinea-Bissau or the Papua New Guinea… Guinea is a country of its own. Guinea used to be a French colony, gained its independence in 1958. Ahmed Sekou Toure became the first president of the newly independent Guinea. I couldn’t find much information about Guinea in the year of 1998, but as BBC News reports, Guinea could potentially be considered one of the richest country in Africa due to its rich in minerals. However, the people remain one of the poorest in West Africa. One of the more recent concerns in Guinea is the Ebola virus outbreak that began in 2014 which spread to its neighboring countries – Sierra Leone and Liberia.

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