Currency Bill –

Country of Origin: Poland
Amount: 100 Zoltych
Year: 1988
Condition: Uncirculated
Reverse Image:

A Little History of Poland….

In 1988, Poland experienced severe inflation rates, leading to hyperinflation. This currency bill is no longer issued and is no longer in use. You may notice that Poland is one of the members of the EU (European Union), but has not adopted the Euro currency yet. Under the Treaty of Accession, all new members of the EU will have to adopt the euro as its official currency; however as of now, Poland has yet to adopt the euro. An article from the Washington Post discusses why Poland has not yet adopted the euro as their currency. No British Prime Minister has visited Poland until 1988 when Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher made her visit to the country. She addressed the relations of Poland with Europe and stressing that Europe welcomes Poland as its members. Here is a link to Thatcher addressing the Polish Government.


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