Currency Bill – 

Country of Origin: Brazil
Amount: 200 Cruzeiros
Year: 1990
Condition: Uncirculated
Reverse Image:

A Little History of Brazil….

This 200 Cruzeiros currency bill is no longer the legal tender of Brazil. Brazil current currency is the “real”. Cruzeiros was used as the legal tender of Brazil from 1942-1986 and was again reintroduced for the third time in 1990-1993. The Cruzeiros currency was reintroduced again and again after each economic crisis however, it remains unstable was officially withdrawn in 1994. Previously colonized by the Portuguese, Brazil remains a country that needs development in the 20th century. 1990 marked the year for change and reform in the economy and the administrative. Efforts for trade reforms also allowed Brazil to eliminate non tariff barriers as well as producing export incentives to help the economy. Encouraging investments helped businesses and entrepreneurs seek stable conditions as well as advancements in science and research allowed for social and intellectual improvement. In general, 1990 marked a revolutionary change to the economic, social, and political conditions of Brazil.

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