Currency Bill –

Country of Origin: Angola
Amount: 1 Angolar
Year: 1942
Condition: Circulated
Reverse Image:

A Little History of Angola….

In the year of 1942, Angola still remains as a colony of the Portuguese. Portugal had colonized Angola for almost 500 hundred years before they gained their independence in the mid-1970s. Before obtaining this banknote, I’ve got to admit, I did not know much about Angola not to mention knowing that it was under Portuguese colonization for hundreds of years. If you take a close look, the reverse image of the banknote indicate Republica Portuguesa. One surprising fact that I found about Angola was the schooling system. Angolan people did not receive much schooling – from 1960-1970s, students enrolled in primary schools increased from slightly over 6% to 32%, although a significant improvement, but still remains a low percentage compared to other developed countries. For secondary school, in 1960s, there were only 0.6% students enrolled, and in 1970s, it slightly rose to a little over 4%. Under Portuguese colonization, Angola’s educational institutions have not been widely promoted according to what the data shows.

If you would like to know more about the colonization and independence of Angola, visit this link on the History of Angola.
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