Currency Bill –

Country of Origin: Venezuela
Amount: 10 Bolivares
Year: 1973
Condition: Circulated
Reverse Image:

A Little History on Venezuela….

In the year of 1973, Venezuela did not experience much in their country but what was most relevant to history is the election of Carlos Andres Perez. Perez became president during the year of the boom of oil prices. He led the developing country of Venezuela with successful political establishment in the 1970s.  In the 1970s, Perez was also credited for reestablishing ties with Cuba and Bolivia. However, the late 1980s, Perez was impeached and exiled while Venezuela was under a state of turmoil caused by civil unrest and coup attempts. He was removed from office in 1993 with charges of corruption. Perez later died at the age of 88 in 2010. Here is a NY Times article discussing Carlos Andres Perez.

Romero, Simon. “Carlos Andrés Pérez, Former President of Venezuela, Dies at 88.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 26 Dec. 2010. Web. 13 Aug. 2016.