Currency Bill –

Country of Origin: Singapore
Amount: 5 dollars
Year: 1989
Condition: Circulated
Reverse Image:

A Little History of Singapore….

The front side of this dollar bill shows a ship called “Twakow” which is a light wooden ship that carries good along rivers. Although these type of boats are no longer in use for carrying goods, it is still a good representation of Singapore’s flourishing trades as well as reflecting on the history of Singapore’s businesses. The reverse side similarly depicts the thriving trade and shipping facilities at the Port of Authority Container Terminal. During the late 1980s, the construction of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) vastly transformed the public transportation system of Singapore. In December of 1989, the Pasir Ris MRT Station was officially opened for passengers to board. It currently remains as one of the above-ground stations featuring the East-West Line (green). And if you hadn’t known, Singapore is well-known for its strict guidelines on public cleanliness and littering is heavily fined. **One interesting fact I found is that, chewing gum in Singapore is strictly prohibited. Especially with MRT constructions, gum wrappers and gum disposal has been a problem therefore a ban on chewing gum has been maintained.

Here is a link showing Singapore’s Pasir Ris MRT.
Here is a link to laws you might not have imagined but must know before visiting Singapore.

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