Currency Bill – 

Country of Origin: Lebanon
Amount: 50 Livres
Year: 1983
Condition: Circulated
Reverse Image:

A Little History of Lebanon…..

Lebanon also falls under the condition of high inflation rates resulting in higher currency denominations after the 1980s. This currency bill of 50 Livres is no longer in use. Currently circulating, 1000 Lebanese pounds is the lowest denomination. Lebanon’s currency is called Lebanese pounds but may also be spelled “livre” as in French. In the year of 1983, Lebanon experienced an ongoing civil war that lasted from 1975-1990. The civil war resulted in thousands of deaths. The war began with the conflict between a Christian militia and a Palestinian faction over an armed struggle against Israel. It took 12 attempts to bring the Civil War to an end. Taking quite a few foreign mediation, the final 1989 pact was an agreement that ended the war. If you would like to know about civil war, here is where I found my information – Lebanon’s Civil War Seven Lessons Forty Years On.

Gaub, Florence. “Lebanon’s Civil War: Seven Lessons Forty Years on.” 141.10 (2016): 2805-815.European Union Institute for Security Studies. EU Institute for Security Studies, Apr. 2015. Web. 13 Aug. 2016.