Currency Bill –

Country of Origin: Canada
Amount: 1 dollar
Year: 1967
Condition: Circulated
Reverse Image:

A Little History on Canada….

So out of my all my collection, this is the foreign dollar bill that I didn’t have to ask friends and family to help me find or buy it from a coin collector’s shop. This dollar bill was what started my world currency collection and it was from my personal trip to Canada. This bill is printed and issued by the Bank of Canada. It is currently still the legal tender and remains in circulation. In the year of 1967, it can be as one of the best years of Canada. The Expo ’67, the World’s Fair, took place in Montreal, Canada giving the country the opportunity to show off and display their talents and achievements through the international exhibitions. This international exhibition ascertained Canada’s advancement and artistry in architecture. It definitely set a significant mark in art history. Originally, the Expo’67 was set to be in Moscow, Russia, but due to high costs, Moscow dropped out and Canada was re-selected. However, it is no doubt that the exhibition proved to be one of the best World’s Fair and definitely shed the light on Canada’s intricate and skillful structures of the century. You could find on more information on Expo ’67 in this Historica Canada page.

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