Currency Bill –

Country of Origin: Mozambique
Amount: 1 Escudos
Year: 1976
Condition: Uncirculated
Reverse Image:
Mozambique  100 Escudos - 1976 back

A Little History of Mozambique….

Mozambique no longer uses the Escudos as its currency. In 1980, Metical officially replaced Escudos therefore Escudos are no longer the legal tender and has ceased to be used. Mozambique has been colonized by Portugal since the mid 1700s, and it was not until the early 1960s did Mozambique formed it’s own Liberation of Mozambique. This is where the fight for independence began and finally succeeded in gaining its independence in 1975. Samora Machel was elected president. However, civil war broke out in two years after independence and the civil war unexpectedly lasted for 16 years with struggles beginning 1976. To get more history and a timeline of Mozambique’s historical events, visit Mozambique Country Profile.

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