Currency Bill –

Country of Origin: South Vietnam (now is Vietnam)
Amount: 500 dong
Year: 1972
Condition: Uncirculated
Reverse Image:
South Vietnam 500 Dong - 1972 back

A Little History on South Vietnam…..

If you hadn’t known, Vietnam used to be divided North and South during the 1950s-1970s. North Vietnam was occupied by the Communist Party while South Vietnam was recognized as the Republic of Vietnam establishing Saigon as the capital city. During this period, the division of Vietnam prompted the United States to get involved as the fight against Communism persisted known as the Cold War period. Losing more than 58,000 American soldiers in the war, the United States eventually withdrew their troops from the war and South Vietnam officially fell under communism in 1975. Uniting the north and south region, it is now officially recognized as Vietnam. Since this bill was issued in 1972, it was before the fall of South Vietnam to communism in 1975, but it is no longer in use as it it is replaced by currency bills featuring Ho Chi Minh (the Communist Party’s leader); however the currency remains as Dong (VND).

An article on CNN discussing the Fall of Saigon.

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