Currency Bill – 

Country of Origin: Kyrgyzstan
Amount: 1 tyiyn (pink), 10 tyiyn (green)
Year: 1993
Condition: Uncirculated
Reverse Image:
Kyrgyzstan 1 & 10 Tyiyn 1993 back

A Little History on Kyrgyzstan….

I have to honestly confess, I don’t know much about Kyrgyzstan. I am even afraid I am mispelling the country’s name. But what caught my attention was these currencies are unique in color. It’s pretty rare to see such bright colors (pink & green) as the color of a banknote. The square shape also allows it to be quite different. So I decided to do some research on Kyrgyzstan and here is what I found… So Kyrgyzstan had quite a long history under the control of the Soviet Union, and it finally gained its independence in 1991. Kyrgyzstan declared itself the Kyrgyz Republic and creating its own Constitution in 1993. Here is a link to Kyrgyzstan’s Constitution.

*Notice that I put the amount in tyiyn, but Kyrgyzstan’s official currency is the Som. The som is divided into 100 tyiyn. More information about Kyrgyzstan’s banknotes, you can find it here – Kyrgyzstani Som.

I find this currency bill to be too pretty to be used in daily transactions. The colors are so vibrant and unique. Both sides are delicately designed and it was hard to differentiate at first which one was the front and which was the back. Definitely an interesting country!

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