Currency Bill – 

Country of Origin: Hungary
Amount: 10 pengo
Year: 1936
Condition: Circulated
Reverse Image:
Hungary 10 Pengo - 1936 back

A Little History on Hungary….

So in case you’re wondering why this currency bill is in pengo but not forint, it’s because Hungary had went through several changes in currency due to hyperinflation. Pengo was used in the 1920s and was replaced by the korona and shortly after WWII, it was replaced again by the forint which is used up until now. Hungary has experienced one of the most serious and damaging hyperinflations of all times. The pengo bill denomination eventually rose to One Hundred Quintilian (100,000,000,000,000,000,000). Imagine yourself before the issue of this note how much bills you would need to carry out to buy an item and once the currency has reached Quintilian, imagine how things would be priced. Eventually abandoning the pengo didn’t turn out so well for the korona as well until the forint was replaced and remained until now.

If you’re interested in where I found my information, here are sources to look at –
1. Hyperinflations in .pdf file
2. A Wikipedia link on Pengo

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