Hello Viewers: this is my first blog post & I believe India is a great place to start the journey.

Currency Bill –

Country of Origin: India
Amount: 10 Rupees
Year: 1992
Condition: Circulated
Reverse Image:
India 10 Rupees - 1992 back

A Little History of India…..

By the end of 1992 extending to beginning of 1993, a Bombay Riot broke out in Bombay, India resulting in hundreds of people dead. What initially was intended to be a peaceful protest turned into a violent riot between the Muslims and the Hindus. The differences in religious practices escalated into something that was quite serious.

Here is a link I found browsing through the history of India from a NY Times article in 1992 – Riot Scars Are Gone, but Bombay Is Still Healing

* Just a side note: If you’re interested in why India abolished jury trials after 1961, look up information about the court case K.M. Nanavati vs. State of Maharashtra. Because it is in a different year, I will not go into details about it; perhaps I’ll write more about the case if I find India Rupees in the year 1959-61.

Citations – Burns, John F. “Riot Scars Are Gone, but Bombay Is Still Healing.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 16 Apr. 1994. Web. 09 Aug. 2016.