Currency Bill – 

Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Amount: 50 Leva
Year: 1951
Condition: Uncirculated
Reverse Image:
Bulgaria 50 Leva - 1951 back

A Little History on Bulgaria…..

So I actually find the reverse image of this currency quite interesting. The image shows a Bulgarian woman holding two baskets full or roses. I’m not sure what this intends to indicate but it gives me a very peaceful impression. So did you know that Bulgaria’s government stopped issuing coins after 1943 and only currency bills were issued until the currency reform in 1952? Bulgaria did not have much story to cover for the year of 1951. However, it is important to note that Bulgaria became a one-party socialist state in 1946 and later transitioned to multi-party elections in the 1980s which eventually gave way to democracy in 1991. It currently is a member of the EU.

It was indeed difficult to find historical backgrounds of Bulgaria for the year of 1951, but I have to admit Wikipedia provided quite valuable information, so if you’re interested more about Bulgaria, here is where I learned of the country – Wikipedia of Bulgaria.

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