Currency Bill – 

Country of Origin: Argentina
Amount: 100 Pesos
Year: 1954-63
Condition: Circulated
Reverse Image:
Argentina 10 Pesos - 1954-63 back

A Little History on Argentina….

During the year of 1955, Argentina experienced a military and civilian uprising called Revolución Libertadora, which translates to the Liberating Revolution, that ended Peron’s administration. Initially supported by the unions, the church, and the people, Peron successfully was elected twice as President of Argentina. However, as problems in the economic sector rose along with other problems caused a distant rift between his policies and what people wanted. Interestingly, although accused of treason and was exiled, Peron was later elected for a third term in 1973 until he died in 1974.

Here is an article I found while looking up some of the history of Argentina – Liberating Revolution.

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